About Rocket One Music

Rocket One Music's primary goal has always been to support independent music and musicians.

Unbeknownst to many, Rocket One had actually started back in 2008 as a production team solely for the then rising The Line Divides, who had just begun making waves in the national music scene. The Rocket One team had been a super solid support for The Line Divides and this was seen through the band’s series of successful gigs that multiplied by the week. That had set off the tagline “the new sound of the south” and other independent bands took interest and wanted in. Rocket One Music grew side by side with Sonic Boom Philippines. When Sonic Boom ended its 8 years run, Rocket One was just slowly steadily growing. But in the light of EDM growing its popularity the past years, Rocket One was taking the back seat, just waiting for the right time to mount a proper show again.

Despite the challenges, its core value remains the same: a commitment to address the lack of support for independent talents and to provide multiple platforms to showcase these talents and reach the intended music-hungry audience.

This is Rocket One Music. They are back. 🚀